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the CEO of the sofa

Mum, who's been steadily refining her book choices for me over successive recent Christmases, gave me P.J. O'Rourke's The CEO of the sofa this time around. Just as I was finishing the last 20 pages tonight, it seemed like it was drooping to a close, as he fell into a couple of pages of overblown Democrat-bashing, as if he was trying to finish writing the book about as fast as I was trying to finish reading it (but then, I don't read his stuff to be politically enlightened). Nevertheless, the rest of it's full of his usual descriptive humour, not too dissimilar to Clive James. I've learnt just how exciting it is to hang around the U.N., plus a few useful things about cigars, which almost helped me out when Michael was relating a Cigar FAQ to me after last night's film.

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The cigar FAQ he's referring to is this: http://www.natsherman.com/since1930/ns_cigar_faq.cfm. (Dammit, how to you post links???) The disputed point was whether you're supposed to take the band on or off--P.J. apparently ridiculed Bill Clinton for *not* taking it off, but here, in this FAQ, it says that it's best to leave the band on. Escalating via google ... the Cigar Aficionado FAQ, http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/Aficionado/faq8.html, (God I love that magazine) says "For the record, it is equally appropriate to leave the band on while smoking a cigar or to remove it, as long as the cigar's wrapper leaf is not torn when the band is removed." Take that, P.J.!