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wishing machine

I forget what triggered it off, but I finally gave in to Amazon and setup a wishlist. But it's not a wishlist, it's just a list of things I'll get around to buying later (see the "intended future purchases" link in the sidebar if you want to laugh at or otherwise comment on the stuff I'm thinking of buying). The term "wishlist" connotes an unintended sense of expectation that my guilt-ridden personality isn't particularly comfortable with.

But anyway, I copied over some of my 3-year-old (or so) CDNow "wishlist", and then went through a bit of rating guff and after getting into book-land and rating a heap of Haruki Murakami books I found myself being recommended a pile of Japanese stuff, one of which I found yesterday evening in Borders - The Woman in the Dunes by Kobo Abe, and while I was in the A section I passed up a couple more Martin Amis books but bought a Kathy Acker one - Empire of the Senseless, since I still haven't read any of her stuff (tsk tsk). Of course, Empire of the Senseless is also a great song (after the book, as best I can tell) by the Mekons, who did stuff with Kathy Acker, so the intertwingledness of things reigns supreme once more.

[11:41pm] ... so I've just spent hours rating stuff. I've told it about 301 things that I own, and rated a few more that I don't. There's 67 things in the "intended future purchases" list. I think that's enough for one day...

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