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melbourne silver mine blog work

I had an idea or two to generate (and encourage further generation of) some content for the Melbourne Silver Mine... [more]

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laneway magazine

Somwhere in the middle of my overseas holiday, I was asked if I'd like to contribute to Laneway Magazine. My... [more]

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hardly knew ye

I only bought a handful of copies of No Depression, but discovered the current one is the last issue,... [more]

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"our bat-free apartment is bat-free no more"

happy eight years, Scott. I didn't always keep up, but I'm trying. I guess that's the story of my life.... [more]

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small status update

I'm busily enjoying last year's Bluebottle Kiss album Doubt Seeds (they're playing tomorrow night at the NSC, too) and... [more]

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reading for the year

Surprisingly (it didn't feel like it), I read more books this year than any other year since I started... [more]

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coloured lines

Wow. Thanks for the book, acb. In our current round of CD swapping (Laura, Gersey and 3 other CDs... [more]

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j.g. ballard - kingdom come

If you've read any of J.G. Ballard's recent work (Cocaine Nights, Super-Cannes et al - I haven't tackled Millennium... [more]

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iain sinclair on j.g. ballard

An interview over at ballardian.com with Iain Sinclair who's written some interesting psychogeography-type books in his time (eg. Lights Out... [more]

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which way from here?

I've started station'ry, another group blog aimed at encouraging friends to share their words and images with the world.... [more]

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ring ring

It's my last day in Chiang Mai where I found, of all things, another Iain Sinclair book in a second-hand... [more]

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don't forget your clark-nova

Via Gadling, there's an InterZone Beat Festival to celebrate William S. Burroughs' birthday on February 4th. Grant Hart, who famously(?)... [more]

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I got to hang around a hospital for most of the day while my girlfriend had some wisdom teeth... [more]

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golden (brown) years

As reported everywhere else already, Simon Reynolds has a new book out called Rip It Up and Start Again about... [more]

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brunswick st booty

In-tray. I picked up a few things last night on the way to the gig (photos up later tonight, once... [more]

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iain sinclair - lights out for the territory

I haven't finished it yet - it's so hard sitting on a deckchair at the beach paying $3 for a... [more]

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all aboard

Did you ever read Geoff Ryman's 253 ? I did. So did Marcello, who elaborates on it in ways I... [more]

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fa fa fa fa fa fa - the adventures of talking heads in the 20th century

I finished devouring David Bowman's fa fa fa fa fa fa - the adventures of Talking Heads in the 20th... [more]

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down boy

BoingBoing mentions that there's going to be a film adaptation of On The Road. If they film it the way... [more]

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the speed of the sound of loneliness

I don't have much to contribute to the discussion of sleeplessness. It happens to me occasionally, but not with a... [more]

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the good old days

It's good to see a bit more content than usual from my original web heroine Miss Z, at the moment.... [more]

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via acb the other day, I finally got around to poking through ziboy's very nice photos, mostly of people. Personally,... [more]

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draw me a river

A friend was in Hobart around the end of last week, and found himself at a fish and chip shop... [more]

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I've been keeping this blog and my (much older) journal separate because there's usually not much crossover, though I found... [more]

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the word is a virus

I never realised the Burroughs reference in "wumpus" (as in, Hunt The). How silly of me.... [more]

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all murakami, all the time

Even /. is talking about Haruki Murakami now. I remember reading how he left Japan when he couldn't cope with... [more]

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It's true, I'm a sucker for a good quotation.... [more]

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difficult listening hour

If you're in the mood for some dead tree perusal, this month's edition of The Wire has a primer on... [more]

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The New Yorker has a short story from Haruki Murakami called Airplane (via Alex). This reminds me that just this... [more]

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other people's stories

Via memepool of all places, a nice little story. I spent my lunchtime reading Raymond Carver stories, so it was... [more]

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strangers on a train

speaking of maps, here's a fairly nifty one.... [more]

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I'm after recommendations for a nice, detailed US (or, even better, North America) map/atlas thing. Having poked about, it seems... [more]

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your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Steve Albini talks about and to Mission of Burma (via grossoutart). I haven't even begun to penetrate the VU boxed... [more]

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tom robbins - fierce invalids home from hot climates

Tom Robbins - Fierce invalids home from hot climates. Even the most complicated of things can be boiled down to... [more]

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wolfgang flur - i was a robot

Wolfgang Flür - I was a robot. It's hard to avoid sympathizing with Mr Flür, who (along with Karl Bartos)... [more]

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after murder park

I'm enjoying nearly every moment of reading The Raymond Chandler Papers - selected letters and non-fiction 1909-1959, which I must... [more]

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the chap manifesto

Helpful advice for all of us in this depraved and orderless world. As the dust jacket explains : It is... [more]

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the CEO of the sofa

Mum, who's been steadily refining her book choices for me over successive recent Christmases, gave me P.J. O'Rourke's The CEO... [more]

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wishing machine

I forget what triggered it off, but I finally gave in to Amazon and setup a wishlist. But it's not... [more]

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