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I've been keeping this blog and my (much older) journal separate because there's usually not much crossover, though I found myself unsure where this particular piece ought to belong.

If you hadn't looked at it before (I just assume that people look around my website, I'm not really into advertising things, which caused a bit of surprise when somebody interviewed me about the journal for a newspaper article a few years ago, and I asked them not to print the actual URL - I figured people would come and find it if they really wanted to. I don't think the article got printed), it's been going since the start of 1999, and it's called tales from an ordinary world. It's not as frequently updated as this blog, and it's all (badly) hand-coded PHP that runs the site, but you can read an entire month at a time, which should make scanning old entries fairly fast and painless if you're only vaguely curious.

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