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golden (brown) years

As reported everywhere else already, Simon Reynolds has a new book out called Rip It Up and Start Again about post-punk ('78-'84 by his reckoning). Via Largehearted Boy, here's a nice piece he's written in The Guardian about the period. I'm looking forward to the book - I haven't read anything music-related since I was on holiday, where I raced through Simon Ford's book about The Fall - I hadn't realised he'd also written that Throbbing Gristle book I didn't buy at the Punk Exhibition in New Zealand all those years ago (I'd picked up the Encyclopedia of Indie and New Wave, and didn't have room for much else).

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Got my copy of the new Reynolds book in the mail the other day. I cheated and read a few random bits, although I plan to read it properly from start to finish. Somehow I suspect I'm going to end up buying some music...

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