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iain sinclair - lights out for the territory

I haven't finished it yet - it's so hard sitting on a deckchair at the beach paying $3 for a 750mL "mother hen"* of Carlsberg (complete with stubby holder, I might add. These guys are professionals!) - but I will say that, so far, Iain Sinclair's Lights out for the territory is a thoroughly entertaining read, even if he threatens to lose you at every alternate paragraph. I reckon acb is the one friend likely to get the most out of this book (did you get my rambly SMS yesterday?), but I'm only guessing. Psychogeography, John Dee, ley lines, Luke Howard (no, not Melbourne's own jazz musician and LDAP god) and his clouds, Ronnie Kray's funeral, pit bulls devouring traffic cones, Lord Archer's art collection, a piece of art called House - It covers so much ground, and it's hard - from my kind of distance - to appreciate everything that he's talking about, but you know you want to learn more, and it certainly gives you a renewed interest in the history of cities, and how all manner of things intersect somehow.

(and now, having booked another hotel further on in my travels, I'm heading back to the beach.)

* A term coined, as far as I know, by Tom Reynolds, wherever he is right now. Cheers, buddy!

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