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It's tempting, as always, to sit here all night and...well...not mope, I don't mope as much as I used to, but left to my own devices I still give into the impuse to do absolutely nothing of value, far too often.

And ok, I'm intending to be up and off for breakfast with a friend at 10:30 tomorrow - a time on weekends that's becoming more and more uncivilised as I grow older. Hence the problem at hand - I can't decide if I can be bothered going to see a band tonight...in North Melbourne...at 11pm...a band I've never actually seen or heard before, I'm merely going on an ad I'd seen posted up in Basement Discs last year or so, and I'd written it down in my Palm V - I couldn't help the poster out with musical talent, but the list of influences sounded curious - "sparklehorse, flaming lips, magnetic fields", so I wrote down the email address for the band, called Slowville, intending perhaps to email the person and find out when they were gigging, or something. I never did, of course, but a cursory glance through the Beat Gig Guide the other day triggered this filed-away and forgotten memory - there it was, Slowville, playing at the Town Hall Hotel in North Melbourne on Saturday night.

My curiosity has grown a tail.

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