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little victories

My life's full of extremely minor victories right now :

  • The will to read some of my books has returned (they've been waiting patiently for so long, too).

  • I feel like I'm actually making progress with trying to listen to all of the CDs I bought lately. I bought one today (the willard grant conspiracy and telefunk in the fishtank. I'm not sure it lives up to its full potential, but we'll see how further listens unravel it) and actually managed to listen to it on the same day - lately, this has been harder than it seems.

  • I bought some magazines with heaps of copyright-free samples (uh. hang on. "i bought it for the articles. honest"), with the intention of getting back into bedroom musical tweaking again (like, ok, aren't we all intending to do that ?)

  • I even bought another magazine or two, just to read.

  • Oh, and I finally put a "no advertising material accepted. thank you !" sticker on the letterbox, after feeling guilty about having people put coloured bits of paper in my letterbox that I wasn't interested in, and would just put straight in a paper recycling bin. Why not just stop doing it ? Maybe it'll help save the trees, man. And besides that, once I wander into a hardware shop and look at all those sticky number things, I can't just buy a number, can I ?

  • I ran into an Amnesty International person in Chapel St the other day, so I'm finally doing the regular donation thing to them, too.

All I need to do now is to calm down at work and Everything will be NiceTM.

On the downside, I haven't remembered any good dreams lately. As I sat in my chair in the office around 8am this morning, waiting for belated backup tapes to do their thing before I could do my thing, I drifted off and almost managed to resume a dream that finished when the radio had woken me at 6am. The description of the situation was on the tip of the tip of my tongue, but then the air shifted, and I woke up and lost it all.

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