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there's more than one way to do it

As I've noticed on any weekend I've come into the city lately on the 112 tram, Lian and I weren't... [more]

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if you can read this

we've moved to a new server. at least, that's my current excuse for being distracted. i'm probably tempting fate by... [more]

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...so I got married

Lian and I got married on Sunday. Thanks to all who came along - unfortunately there wasn't enough space... [more]

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old times

We've been cleaning up, and I finally went through my old desk drawers and my old file, putting everything... [more]

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the other kind of love

If you haven't run out of things to donate to yet, you could always give the Creative Commons team a... [more]

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hello young bloggers

Well, I showed up, despite indicating otherwise - gin and colds aren't supposed to mix, but I seem to have... [more]

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after the goldrush

Well. Wasn't that a small turnout ? 8 people in total (and not quite all at the same time) compared... [more]

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two for one offer, hurry while stocks last

Er. Yes. If you saw the printed versions of this or this, that really is my ugly mug on the... [more]

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loungeroom dummies

This is definitely the kind of problem I have, deferring to a "dunno" when I could (should?) just make something... [more]

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ten beautiful things

Steve Earle's cover of Rivers of Babylon. No, really. Felafel rolls, wraps, or whatever they're called, for lunch, in... [more]

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little victories

My life's full of extremely minor victories right now : The will to read some of my books has returned... [more]

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a place in the sun

I may have stopped writing (the mood hasn't been right all week), but on the other hand I finally started... [more]

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rainy days

Whilst we often use the expression "I'm saving that task for a rainy day," it's not all that often that... [more]

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fonts - handel gothic

I see that one of the link memes of the past few days has been an article about the ubiquitous... [more]

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in metal

The problem with birthdays is that you feel compelled to spend the day doing something useful. One can't waste the... [more]

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the mercy seat

"this ain't no party this ain't no disco this ain't no foolin' around" talking heads. I'm not generally one to... [more]

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be a man. be a human animal.

I found this old poster at Camberwell Market in May last year - we'd turned up because Eugenie was... [more]

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walking after midnight

In a month and a day I'll be 29. For some people, 29's as far as they got. Two other... [more]

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For the people who seem fond of lists, the approximate contents of my half of the computer table, after "cleaning... [more]

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this is not a manifesto

This blog isn't intentionally all about music - just, well, it's easier to crap on about music than other things... [more]

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