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ten beautiful things

  1. Steve Earle's cover of Rivers of Babylon. No, really.

  2. Felafel rolls, wraps, or whatever they're called, for lunch, in the sun, in the park. Hard to eat without making a mess, but we've got seagulls for that.

  3. old candles that still burn.

  4. The way I can pack just enough stuff into one of those cheap, small canvas rucksacks.

  5. The incisive guitar work on The Fall's Rebellious Jukebox.

  6. A quiet coffee before work.

  7. personal e-mail, instead of stuff from all the mailing lists I'm subscribed to.

  8. Mark Eitzel's playing next week.

  9. Pure, unfettered sleep.

  10. There's a new Nurse With Wound CD out, and I've got a copy on the way (well, soon), along with last year's Fall release.

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