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aia/2002-01-25-desk aia/2002-01-25-old-poster

I found this old poster at Camberwell Market in May last year - we'd turned up because Eugenie was selling some old clothes, so while Mavis helped her out, I went for a wander. At a CD stall, I found a copy of the first 6ths album for $10. Later on I had a wonderful felafel roll from somebody selling food out of an old caravan. It's been years since I got up early on Sunday mornings, but this seemed like an acceptable reason to do so.

Later that afternoon, we farewelled Duane at the airport, returning permanently to Singapore. Approaching the airport, in between fiddling with the CD player, I watched an aircraft disappear through a hole in the clouds as if it were returning to the belly of its large grey bulbous mothership.

Last night, my back or my neck or somewhere in between hurt so much I figured I should just lie down and try to keep still. I put an Uncle Bill CD on and stared at the air conditioning vent in the ceiling, above my bed. I didn't have dinner. I didn't sit at either PC. I didn't talk to anyone. I just lay there and waited for better times while I drifted off.

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