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current listening - ed kuepper - the diving board

1995's A King in the Kindness Room was, at the time, noted more for Ed's beautifully twisted cover of Highway to Hell, and maybe secondarily for the similarly burbling electronic tension on the album's violent opener, Confessions of a Window Cleaner which I remember one girlfriend semi-affectionately referring to as "the 'you meet some dickheads on the way' one" (well, whatever helps you remember).

But after all that knob-twiddling comes this wonderful clean instrumental track to close the album - there's a dash of watery electronics in the background as it opens, but mostly it's just Mark Dawson's quiet drums, Louise Elliot's wistful sax, and Ed's surf-ish guitar. A track for listening to in the afternoon sun by the pool. The sounds of summer, indeed. It's been many years since I spent some time at a public swimming pool, but I can associate this piece with those memories. I feel a little guilty at placing this somewhere near the top of my favourite Ed Kuepper songs - there's no vocals - but I think he'd understand.

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