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old times

old tickets0000

We've been cleaning up, and I finally went through my old desk drawers and my old file, putting everything in one of those large plastic storage boxes you can buy at Hot Bargain (what a shop!) down on High St.

royal mail letter

Amongst piles and piles of greeting cards, postcards and letters from various friends I also found heaps of old train/tram/bus tickets, my VCE results, a report card from year 9 (form 3 as we called it back then), a few drawings that one of my friends did to kill some time in year 12 maths (I'd think of something, and he'd draw it), random old bits of money from various countries, and a letter from Royal Mail (see above) apologising for the state of some package or other that I'd received.

old tickets0011

I'll do some more later.

[ see all the random old crap I scanned. ]

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