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after the goldrush

Well. Wasn't that a small turnout ? 8 people in total (and not quite all at the same time) compared to last month's 17 or however many it was. cheng was oh-so-quiet, doing the observation thing (and hey, why didn't you say you liked the magnetic fields ?). daniel is a guitar head, owns a theremin, and keeps his travelling CD wallet mostly full of loud music to wake him up on the morning public transport. miss jen jen turned up, despite feeling under the weather from having fallen asleep under the weather on the weekend and getting sunburnt (sorta hard to imagine given the subsequent inclemency). Somehow, I missed the name of her friend, though (sorry ! I'm terribly embarrassed about it). acb was his usual self (and I mean that in a good way). hot soup girl told me I should buy the soft bulletin, so I snagged a copy on the way home today. michael turned up eventually, and took some interesting polaroids.

After cheng and daniel left, leaving 4 of us around a big table, we were talking about the croft institute and figured "well, hey, why don't we go there now ? doesn't look like anybody else is gonna turn up." This time, the upstairs gym-themed floor was open. They were showing about half an hour of various short video sequences, all themed around "boys doing strange things". A few of them involved Fluxus (you know, Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono, etc. in the 60's)-inspired painting experiments. Then there was "I like new zealand and new zealand likes me", which involved some looped video of a guy in a red top dancing and bopping around by himself, apparently in an aircraft lounge (the longer sequel involved footage of him on a ferry in Auckland (?) doing the same thing as the boat moved away from the dock, and then came back). Confused ? me too. but that's what experimental video's all about, right ?

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I don't think my musical advice has ever been acted upon with greater alacrity. Excellent. Do you like it?


It was rather fun. I staggered home almost totally cabbaged though; serves me right for not having anything to eat beforehand.

Cat got my tongue :) I take a while to warm up. It was an overwhelming evening, most of the convo was flying over my head, but it was fun all the same. Next time.


1) not yet. it didn't do much for me on the first listen, but i expect it'll take time. besides, i was distracted by the Hungry Ghosts album, which is yummy.

2) i thought you would've known better after my behaviour last month ?

3) yeah. i know how it is. i used to be more self-conscious. i still am, but alcohol strips that away, a bit. despicable but true. (and have you listened to _the charm of the highway strip_ ? it's at least as good as _69 love songs_, possibly better).

Haven't listened to the Charm of the Highway Strip yet, downloaded most of 69 Love Songs, then got distracted by something else. Will refocus :)

Btw, i enjoyed the pics from your recent Singapore jaunt. Nostalgic twinges. All hail 70-cent coffees.


thanks ! i'm glad they're useful/interesting.