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arkestral manoeuvres in hoboken

acb reviews the new Ninety Nine album, which I'll be buying out curiosity sometime real soon now - will this be their crossover into a more mainstream acceptance (I mean JJJ, not MixTripleFox) ?

Splendid reviews the new Low album, Trust. Yay ! Mind you, I still haven't bought things we lost in the fire, yet - I expect to be thoroughly chastised by Darren.

That's why, after a couple of trips through Trust, you might feel like I did -- uncertain whether you'd just had the best sex of your life, witnessed an astonishingly moving church service, or attended the funeral of a life-long friend. Or perhaps a combination of all three.

I have an aversion to comparing records to sex. Perhaps it's just my repressed prudishness, but it always comes off sounding a bit cheesy. I'll never forget fellow 3MU radio guy Anthony's student newspaper review of Curve's Chinese Burn single for this very reason. But anyway. There's a guest appearance by the guy from American (remember them ? I remember my uncle being quite fond of them, at least), and a song about John Prine. See ? Country is closing in, even in the Lowlands (where do you think all this sadcore stuff came from ?). And I stand by Wichita Lineman threat, acb.

Lastly, via pitchfork, Yo La Tengo cover Sun Ra. I guess going to Rock School wasn't enough (see the extremely funny video clip for Sugarcube). James McNew gets sucked into mothership. News at eleven.

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