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new record ole 427-2

No Go-Betweens release today (good to see Alex enjoying it, at least), though one shop was playing it this morning, presumably to taunt me. I dunno if the Songs: Ohia album's meant to be out yet, either (see review by tiny mix tapes gone to heaven). I did, however, pick up the new albums by Cat Power and Architecture in Helsinki (I still can't decide whether to buy the new Nick Cave album, I never quite got around to getting the previous one). I discovered, purely by accident, that Lambchop are coming to the Corner Hotel towards the end of March, with 6-piece band (and support by David Kilgour, of The Clean) - could this be an end to the glut of solo acoustic gigs from overseas folk ?

I see the Corner Hotel's also hosting a Karmic Hit 10 year anniversary, featuring Steve Kilbey and Snog (remember them/him ?), on March 6th. The next day is the Architecture in Helsinki album launch (with Ninety Nine as support), and the day after is The Bats. I just know I'm not going to make 3 gigs in a row, but I can try...A week later, also at the Corner, is Stephen Cummings' CD launch - I hope the gig'll be as fun as the new album is.

Hey, a new Smog album next month !

(sorry about the little break in proceedings, I've been busy sorting out the beginnings of moving house, growing old, lending Uncle Tupelo's Anodyne to my parents - they liked it ! - and stuff like that.)

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