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A few things I spotted over the weekend :

PTTL lists the fanboy-voted Top 50 Robert Pollard songs. I'll have to think more about mine (one or two though, not 50 !) - I've only got a few of his solo works. I must admit, though, that my favourite (so far) Guided By Voices song - It's Like Soul Man - is actually by Tobin Sprout.

Drawer B reviews the new Luna album, which I'm still waiting to see (I hope somebody releases it locally...).

I like this. In a similar fashion, I've had dadadodo on my front page for a couple of years now, generating random cut-up sentences based on my journal data (and it's often been more insightful/interesting than my journal itself).

Oh, and thanks, man.

A co-worker just lent me a record from 1984 called Video Game Music, featuring reinterpretations (I suppose - I'll find out tonight) of music from games like Dig Dug, Galaga and so forth. I also noticed, though, that it was produced and mixed by none other than Haruomi Hosono (of Yellow Magic Orchestra fame, among other things). Bizarro.

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