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it's only sunlight

I was lent a copy of everything but the girl's acoustic album last night by Eugenie (who also makes very nice cookies, I might add). I've never really followed them, apart from constantly hearing that single everywhere I went, back in the mid-90's, and remembering that Tracey Thorn sang The Paris Match, a song I'd always particularly liked on The Style Council's Café Bleu all those years ago.

I was completely unprepared when I fired up acoustic as I lay down to sleep last night, because it had me in tears after the first few tracks. As much as they might've tried, they couldn't take the Springsteen out of their cover of tougher than the rest, a fascinating dichotomy of manliness and neediness. I must admit that I wasn't quite taken with their cover of Tom Waits' Downtown Train, though - i'm not yet sure how well the divided vocals work. Maybe that one'll grow on me - I've only listened to the CD once so far, I'm trying to savour it.

So, um, now that I've fessed up to this, what songs bring you to tears ? There's others, but I won't own up to any more unless somebody else does.

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