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leaving a good-looking corpse

According to the Corner Hotel's website, Died Pretty are doing a final tour of Australia, stopping by the Corner Hotel on September 14. Shame, really. I didn't mind their last two albums - 1998's using my gills as a roadmap (the name alone was worth something, but there was a great track called radio, too), and 2000's slightly more electronically influenced Everyday Dream. They hit the peak of their popularity, though, in 1991 with Doughboy Hollow, which you might've even heard of. I've got most of their stuff (6 albums), but I'm missing the first two albums, and one or two in-between ones. I'll consider this a reminder. Oh, and there was that compilation a few years back, which had a pretty decent cover of Ed Kuepper's (or the Laughing Clowns if you want to get into specifics) Eternally Yours.

You can get their stuff from Citadel Records - which reminds me, I'd been meaning to order those other two Jackson Code albums for a while now...

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