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lisa miller at the prince of wales, 21st of June

We decided to make a night of it, pre-dinner drinks, then dinner, and then eschewing the support acts to go and find some dessert instead, and in the end only most of us made it to the actual gig. By this time, the place was full, so we were left to stand (or sit, fortunately) at the back of the venue - comfortable, but missing much of the general vibe. Shane O'Mara gave it his all, as usual, happily cycling through his various guitars and pedals. I was surprised to see Uncle Bill guitarist Sam Lemann up there, helping out, too. At some points, there were 8 people up on the stage - Rebecca Barnard, Ross McLennan and somebody else whose name escapes me doing occasional backing vocals, Garrett Costigan providing pedal steel, along with Peter Jones and Bill McDonald bringing up the rear. Most of the tracks off the recent covers album, Car Tape, were performed, along with a few others (I must admit I haven't yet got around to listening much to one of Lisa's older albums I picked up second hand a month or two ago). Still, I already knew what to expect, and spent most of my time wondering whether the others were enjoying it, instead of taking photos or listening really closely.

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