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gold, neighbours across the water, and loving jonathan

Furthering my quest to visit more CD shops, I finally went to Goldmine up in Carlton - its existence I'd been aware of for a long time, I just hadn't been there. I'd already swung by Au Go Go in the city to pick up a Man or Astroman? CD for a friend, where I'd also picked up another tragically pre-loved (or unloved ?) second-hand copy of The Thin Man Bordello, so I'm back to having 2 CDs to give away again.

Right. At Au Go Go I also picked up the most recent album by The Clean, which sounded really nice from the couple of tracks I'd grabbed off epitonic ages ago (in fact, Josh Rouse made me think of one or two of the tracks on this album, eg. stars, with the nice line "if i took a page from your book, it's gonna be page number 9"). It's a bit of a shame I had to buy this album at import prices (because it's on Merge) when the band's just across the Tasman, but oh well...Later, at Goldmine I picked up a Bats album (silverbeet). If I start getting my vowels confused, you'll know all this NZ music's got to me.

My next splurge was on 4 albums by Cracker, who I'd been meaning to do something about for quite a while now, and when 3 old albums were $10 each, and even last year's release Forever was going for just $15, I knew it Must Be TimeTM.

Oh, and after getting a recommendation for a Jonathan Richman CD to buy, I found it going cheap.

Lastly, I finally found myself a copy (at Au Go Go) of Alex Chilton's Like Flies on Sherbert, and picked up an Au Go Go (the label) compilation of JapRock stuff called Tokyo Trashville, that's got people like Supersnazz, the's and other like-minded crazies on it.

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