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I'm not much of a badge buyer - I think I had a few at uni, like most people - but I found myself in Missing Link having a listen to that new Pere Ubu album (it didn't grab me enough to make me want to fork out $36 for it just yet), and there was a row of badges in front of where I had to stand. Languishing amongst all the punk-kiddy ones was a familiar-looking face with a cowboyish hat on. Hank Williams. WTF ? I had to have it. I looked at some of the other badge boards, and found one with the cover of The Fall's Dragnet, another with Kraftwerk's The Man-Machine, and to even things out somehow, the guy-with-the-hairdo from Eraserhead. They now adorn my new black canvas bag, despite the fact that I'm 29 years old and should get over such things (cheap canvas bags and badges).

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