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the noise of plastic

David Chesworth - 50 Synthesizer Greats

And so, after getting home from a hard day extruding plastic and compressing hot smelly bakelite plus listening to 101 Strings or Ray Coniff for the umpteenth time I would work on some tunes of my own as a form of therapy.

...says David Chesworth in the liner notes of his re-released 50 Synthesizer Greats, featuring 37 (wait, 38 actually) tracks of 1978 lounge room experimentation. It's all pretty good fun - Inverted Commas Space Outlaw faintly invokes the Doctor Who theme, and there's a range of other vibes and bleeps and stuff. Some of it sounds perfectly computer gamey (eg. C.H.C.M.C. almost sounds like it's made for a platform game of some sort).

There's a couple of MP3s up on WMinc's website, if you're feeling curious.

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