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here comes the night


This Wednesday's your last chance to catch Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener at the NSC. Ex-Sunnyboy Peter Oxley joined the show last week, though it was a bit hard to make out his bass in the mix from where I was. Still, they encored with a nice rendition of Canned Heat's I'm on the road again. It was good to finally catch up with Darren and Ash after almost but not quite making it to a couple of previous gigs Darren was heading to.


In other vaguely related news, I've been enjoying a couple of old David Kilgour albums I found second-hand - Sugar Mouth from The Last Record Store last week and Here Come the Cars, which I found during our weekend in Geelong in a tiny CD shop called Rhythm and Views (in a little arcade behind the KFC on Moorabool St).

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