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under the influence

So I sat on the tram changing CDs of stuff I'd recently mp3'd while passengers glared at me, in my big headphones, red shirt, and black jacket. A walking advertisement for Ben Sherman[1]. Rather than listen to Wilco twice in one day, I opted for the Magnetic Fields' The Charm of the Highway Strip, which is a definite classic - among other things, it's the most synth-sounding country album I've ever heard (although I suspect I also just Haven't Been TryingTM).

Once I hopped off the tram, though, I needed a change. Something more...energizing...like, The Fall's Live at the Witch Trials.

So I powerwalk up Hawthorn Rd while a young Mark E. Smith sings "I'm searching for the now / I'm looking for the real thing, yeah". It's almost 25 years old, but man...at the start of another track, somebody asks "what's this song about ?" to which MES replies "uh, nothing."

Footnotes :

[1] I'd never heard of Ben Sherman shirts until, in about 1996, I picked up Meat Beat Manifesto's Satyricon where, in one track, there's a sample of somebody saying "that's a nice shirt...", to which a Liverpudlian (I think) accent replies "it's a Ben Sherman."

* 22:33 * music