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defenders of the axe #3

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I caught the tail end of Defenders of the Axe #3 at the Loop Bar on Wednesday night, watching The West Footscray String Band do some structured improvisation (complete with moving numbers in front of each player, described in a PDF available on their website) as well as a Lullaby, explained in the booklet like so:

Becoming a dad got me interested in the lullaby as a musical form - music that's not just quiet but gently hynpotic, to still the mind without grating, conducive to a slow descent into sleep without getting boring. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.

Having missed seeing Tim Catlin, I bought his CD Slow Twitch on a whim anyway, and it turns out to be some nice, slow guitar drone/texture work. Cool.

Also, I found this mailing list, which I probably should've joined years ago. Oh well. I have now.

[ see all my photos from Defenders of the Axe #3. ]

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