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things to do

I've been a little starved of gig action lately, so here's a few things I'm thinking about seeing:

  • Sime Nugent has a new album out called The Undertow, which is being launched at the Corner Hotel tomorrow (Sunday) night - his debut was last year's excellent More about the benefits of hindsight, a set of ruminations upon his life in the middle of Australia, and thereabouts. I wasn't expecting anything else from him so soon, so it's a pleasant surprise. I won't be able to make tomorrow's album launch, but he's sure to be doing plenty of other gigs, soon.

  • Remember Jason and the Scorchers? Jason Ringenberg's doing a solo tour, mostly for the Great Southern Blues and Rockabilly festival in NSW, but with a pile of solo gigs around the country too - October 15th at the Cherry Bar, the 16th in Geelong, and the 17th at the Espy. Could be interesting - he's rumoured to be pretty amazing, live.

  • Ooh. The Shins and Iron & Wine are touring together, coming to the Corner Hotel on December 10th. I guess Christmas is coing 2 weeks earlier this year?

  • Yes, Neil Young. Hmm. It's gonna be expensive, that's fer sure.

  • I'm keen to try and catch Pink Stainless Tail sometime soon (featuring Harry Howard, brother of Rowland S). They're playing at The Cue in Fitzroy tonight (Walken are playing there next Friday, I notice) - they've managed to get an EP out, too, called the skys a soft target (yes, without the apostrophe). And, just for acb, I notice over at mono.net that they say "we promise not to play Woekenender ever again."

  • You Am I are playing the Hi Fi Bar tonight. Hmm. Augie March's Glenn Richards is playing the Corner Hotel tonight. Hmm.

  • Oh yeah, and the Johnny Cash tribute at the Rob Roy tonight, with heaps of people playing (I wonder if anybody's gonna do a Slim Dusty tribute soon?).

  • I missed last night's Marty Willson-Piper gig at the Cornish Arms, unfortunately (was it any good?).

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