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more review linkage

...a couple of reviews of things I'm curious about :

  • A slightly over the top review of Wilco's almost-lost-album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. With Jim O'Rourke behind it, I'm expecting interesting things. Can it really be this good ?

  • Remember KMFDM ? I thought they'd broken up or something, although I didn't buy their last few releases (wasn't there a "last album", and then something by "MDMFK" ?) Spendid's review of ATTAK finds it pretty disappointing - I have to agree, having had a quick listen in Missing Link the other week and deciding not to buy it. The review touches on one of the main reasons I always liked KMFDM - their sense of humour. They were a fun band to listen to, and apparently that's gone missing...

  • I've stared at this one a couple of times at Synaesthesia, too. But so far, I've always felt it can wait.

My pics from the Steve Earle gig on Sunday night should appear this evening, or so.

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