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lost in space

Just after I read this gig review of a Man or Astroman? gig, my co-worker shows up to work, saying... [more]

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lloyd cole and the commotions - easy pieces

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Easy Pieces (1985). Even though it's not in my desert island discs list, it's... [more]

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small discoveries

Once every couple of weeks I remember to go and poke a stick at my web stats, to see if... [more]

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steve earle, dan brodie

Bruce and I caught Steve Earle's final Melbourne gig at the Prince of Wales. He played a good range... [more]

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more review linkage

...a couple of reviews of things I'm curious about : A slightly over the top review of Wilco's almost-lost-album, Yankee... [more]

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