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losing one's muze

Rare Frequency tells us that the Muzak company has filed for bankruptcy. They also link to a more interesting New... [more]

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lost arts

via unmadeup, William Shaw's latest project is to hitch-hike from Land's End to John O'Groats. Well, assuming anybody still picks... [more]

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My camera's having its sensor cleaned (at last), so I was left to wander the north on a perfectly cloudless... [more]

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I'm not sure what's in the air at the moment, but while I'm still recovering from the holiday and... [more]

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nine miles

The Age reviews Ed Kuepper's new 3-CD compilation This is the Magic Mile and interviews David Sylvian about his Nine... [more]

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two from lloyd cole

Via my sister, Lloyd Cole has "rough mixes" of two new songs up on his website for a few weeks.... [more]

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familiar sights

The Nylex Sign in Cremorne (Richmond) is back, after a bit of a dodgy start.... [more]

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matt handley's return

Well, it's good to see Matt Handley's finally been up to something after all those years since Pollyanna.... [more]

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in the mood

ACMI's Wong Kar Wai retrospective starts tomorrow, so if you'd been after a chance to catch 2046 (or, indeed, any... [more]

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a new kind of museum

"We chose a play kitchen because we are always so innocent and believe in magic recipes from abroad," said museum... [more]

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surf 'n' turf

Ever feel like you didn't even know what was going on in yer own backyard? Me too.... [more]

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stack shot billy

We regret to inform you that Hideaki Sekiguchi, a.k.a. Billy has passed away by heart attack in the morning of... [more]

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I've had a little bit of photo-taking time again, finally. On a vaguely related note, "my god it's full... [more]

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long live the lazyweb

Now that Google Maps does the Satellite photo thing, somebody's already started finding interesting sights so that you don't have... [more]

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tea in the sahara

I don't blame him for not wanting to be bothered, but I learned something. To this day, when I have... [more]

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a simple cut 'n' paste job

Aunty's dig has an interview (also available as a podcast) with Our Tom about his soundtrack for The Illustrated Family... [more]

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iron and whine

Need more 80's/90's retro? Buffalo Tom's Bill Janovitz has a new band and a new CD and the new Wedding... [more]

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bookmark the planet

I probably wasn't looking hard enough, but I haven't noticed anybody talking about Hallon, a nice little app you can... [more]

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not just for breakfast

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but there you go.... [more]

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i must've left it in my other suit

An, er, executive summary of Gang of Four, or something. They're putting the band back together, but at least they're... [more]

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give me a sign

acb found me this, the other day. My friends Chi and Rhonda had a baby boy in the early hours... [more]

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there's a meat beat manifesto sample i wish i could remember the words for...

postie bikes. tom. [more]

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well, if you'd bought the goodies dvd...

Ecky-thump, indeed. Personally, I think I'll stick with Yorkshire Puddings.... [more]

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round and round

Poking through my logs for the first time in months, I noticed a link from the Essendon Historical Society (which... [more]

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and i still love the old world

Friendly northern-hemisphered neighbour Gregory's started a typewriter project this month. Personal highlight is "About Being A Writer" in part 2,... [more]

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leave me to die in the safety of my own home

Some days you glance (by accident, mind you) at the sport section of the paper while you wait for your... [more]

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first edition!

via acb, somebody's webbified the first edition Melway, the beloved and preferred map of the citizens of Melbourne Town. Note... [more]

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cheap entertainment

one, two, three. four. five.... [more]

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ian eccles-smith

If you spent your Sunday evenings in the late 1980's and early 1990's listening to a show on 3PBS-FM called... [more]

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I didn't make it to last week's Buzzcocks gig (seduced by slack once more !), but Vanessa did. Was Mike... [more]

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he always wanted to be a registered nurse

The Pharmacy Records website's had a facelift, with band bios, mp3s and photos. Nice work !... [more]

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all aboard

Did you ever read Geoff Ryman's 253 ? I did. So did Marcello, who elaborates on it in ways I... [more]

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my evil clone

acb took some nice pictures of Kraftwerk last night with my camera. Good stuff. Also : Pitchfork interviews Sam Beam... [more]

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a couple of reviews

Hey, The Ukranians are still going. And somebody likes that Church remix album (now that I'm buying less CDs, I... [more]

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life's little mysteries

So if good-looking women aren't allowed to have brains, and just about any men aren't allowed to have brains, where... [more]

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surfin' cubase-a

The Register: Cubase gets bought out by Pinnacle in California, but read on to see the quote from Ralf Hütter... [more]

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ok, you're a taxi

Marty Willson-Piper's doing a gig tonight at the Corner, which I might drag myself to if I can make it... [more]

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i'd like to thank...

I found out about my new fame a day too late, 'cause I spent all yesterday having a ball at... [more]

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antlers by night

Graham has a new track up, which reminds me a fair bit of an old Bill Leeb (of Front Line... [more]

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that type of guy

Typographica is, as usual, full of handy and informative links - if only I had more time for all of... [more]

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Scrumptious new fonts (Baskerville 1757, Montrachet and Monteverdi) by Lars Bergquist at Fountain. If only I had a use for... [more]

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the speed of the sound of loneliness

I don't have much to contribute to the discussion of sleeplessness. It happens to me occasionally, but not with a... [more]

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hot under the collar

Next time somebody gives me shit about my shirt collection, I'll just point them at this. He's http://troubled-diva.blogspot.com/2002_11_24_troubled-diva_archive.html#85726722">still going. Maybe... [more]

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Well, since everybody's been linking to it all week I finally pulled down the new Cat Power mp3. Nice. It... [more]

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list lust

Graham wants to do another list, this time of the best australiany stuff from the 80's. I've done a quick... [more]

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over the hills and far away

life imitates film, more or less.... [more]

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dave graney in-store gig at borders, 2002-11-10

I happened to be wandering through Borders when Dave Graney, Clare Moore and Bill Miller were setting up for... [more]

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somebody who uses gill sans

It's odd to be noticed as a Gill Sans user, as opposed to something else. I don't own a Mac... [more]

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your own personal man in black

So you thought Johnny Cash was, uh, pushing the envelope by covering Will Oldham and Nick Cave (or even U2)... [more]

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roamin' holiday

Have a good trip, acb - take some photos and see some bands for the rest of us...... [more]

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surprising oneself

Having come across the location of the beta Flash 6 player for Linux, I wandered off to the Flash 6-only... [more]

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back on the road

Good to see RAN ramping up production, lately : Graham on Peter Gabriel's Up : I've been a marginal PG... [more]

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the good old days

It's good to see a bit more content than usual from my original web heroine Miss Z, at the moment.... [more]

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Alex has revitalized and moved to close your eyes. Welcome back ! The Buzzcocks thing made interesting reading...... [more]

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the boy is like a tape loop

I'm looking forward to this new Luna EP, even if I've already got Neon Lights - they'd already covered it... [more]

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all over town

Pitchfork on the new compilation of the The stuff, bemoaning the crappy 12-inch mixes instead of actual rarities : The... [more]

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catching up on some random linkage

The Liars are weird like that -- they fake you out, they deceive you, they puzzle the shit out of... [more]

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more gnus rss goodness

When somebody has a Good Idea, people rush to implement and reimplmement it under every platform known to man -... [more]

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put me on a slow boat

I've been knee deep in evaluation PCs (funny little shiny things they are, too) and laptops, configuring switches to send... [more]

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wielding the ladle

soup, the group blog I've setup with some old friends, seems to be gathering momentum (as well as a real... [more]

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after the goldrush

Well. Wasn't that a small turnout ? 8 people in total (and not quite all at the same time) compared... [more]

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arkestral manoeuvres in hoboken

acb reviews the new Ninety Nine album, which I'll be buying out curiosity sometime real soon now - will this... [more]

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another new beginning

I've been so busy that I still haven't managed to listen to the new Primal Scream album (which I didn't... [more]

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a little bit of linkage

Splendid covers the new Barry Adamson release. Sleater-Kinney - fantastic or just ok ? Meanwhile, I finally remembered to download... [more]

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after everything, now...

From both the official and unofficial sites, it seems there's a follow-on to The Church's After Everything Now This :... [more]

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the hits keep on coming. again.

Pitchfork sez that Pavement's Slanted and Enchanted (the one that started me off on them) has been reissued, too. When... [more]

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catching up

Right. I caught Josh Rouse last night (pics up this evening, hopefully), and the blog meetup the night before (as... [more]

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that was the day

Angry Robot's latest review reminds me of the advice given in the booklet of each Pulp CD - "please do... [more]

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it's dark out there

NATN reviews both new Frank Black and the Catholics albums (one, two). I'm not expecting much (certainly the last release... [more]

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trying out mt.el

Bill's hacked up some nice Lisp to let you post to Movable Type from Emacs, which conveniently saves me from... [more]

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aminals (sic)

via, Graham, this Hello Kitty USB hub reminds me of the whole Sanrio-saturation thing in Singapore. All the time I... [more]

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take these chains

Goodbye Georgia, Trebuchet MS, et al. Microsoft's core web fonts are no longer available. Good riddance, Comic Sans.... [more]

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exit everything

Into this breach flies Archer Prewitt, veteran of the defunct Coctails and the MIA Sea and Cake, and possessor of... [more]

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trendspotter acrobat

There's a lot of Guided by Voices and related albums out there. Not sure where to start ? Try this... [more]

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postcards from the gedge

More nice surprises - Drawer B reviews Cinerama's third album, Torino, which the reviewer suggests may win back some of... [more]

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little pieces of molina

Pitchfork rounds up some of the rare non-album Songs: Ohia releases. I was just listening to Axess & Ace on... [more]

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all murakami, all the time

Even /. is talking about Haruki Murakami now. I remember reading how he left Japan when he couldn't cope with... [more]

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all mission of burma, all the time

Salon pitches in on Mission of Burma's past and present, this time.... [more]

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the end of silence

Namedropped at least as much as Karlheinz Stockhausen, it was only a matter of time before John Cage got in... [more]

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old man ed

They might not be able to spell his name, but the Cornish Arms' website artist bio area now has a... [more]

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on the wagon

I've been good and haven't bought any CDs this weekend (in an e-mail a little earlier, I claimed I hadn't... [more]

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a songs: ohia interview

I forgot to mention this the other day when I was going on about The Last Record Store, but following... [more]

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born to dangle beneath that hanging tree

Another review, this time from NATN, of Mekons / Waco Brothers / etc. Welsh wonder-dude Jon Langford's Pine Valley Cosmonauts... [more]

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brown helicopters

There's a track off the new Guided By Voices album up at epitonic, as well as some new and old... [more]

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...there's now also a London Tube bloggers map (cf. the NYC subway one, the other day), via guideblog.... [more]

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strange hours

David Bowie covering a song by The Pixies ? I never thought I'd see the day. Still, I never thought... [more]

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the things you find...

Idly poking around at stuff, I found the Neil Halstead area at 4AD. I'm not entirely sure what I'd do... [more]

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30 seconds over caulfield

I have grand plans to buy the entire "early" Pere Ubu catalogue in one fell swoop one of these days,... [more]

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strangers on a train

speaking of maps, here's a fairly nifty one.... [more]

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mr johnson

Resident shiny new guitar owning vinyl idolizer Vanessa took some photos the other night. Unfortunately I've no idea of the... [more]

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rumour mills

it's not entirely true, honest. I get coffee there every morning, but I only manage to pop in for lunch... [more]

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into the land of ghosts and promises

I hadn't ever really heard anything particularly good about Damon and Naomi (from friends, people in CD shops, etc), until... [more]

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your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Steve Albini talks about and to Mission of Burma (via grossoutart). I haven't even begun to penetrate the VU boxed... [more]

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A few things I spotted over the weekend : PTTL lists the fanboy-voted Top 50 Robert Pollard songs. I'll have... [more]

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quick linkage

I've been a bit slack with my linkage, so : PopMatters reviews Teenage Fanclub's Howdy, which didn't even get a... [more]

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doing the rounds

Timmy gets on a Red House Painters kick. Intrepid BlogHunter Alex digs up some more interesting reading (although all that... [more]

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strike while the irony is hot

The Onion Does It AgainTM - 37 record store clerks feared dead in Yo La Tengo concert disaster. "These people... [more]

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small discoveries

Once every couple of weeks I remember to go and poke a stick at my web stats, to see if... [more]

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more review linkage

...a couple of reviews of things I'm curious about : A slightly over the top review of Wilco's almost-lost-album, Yankee... [more]

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poking around

A couple of other reviews of things that have been on my mind, and hence an attempt to inject a... [more]

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New Scientist says : A new way of making silicon explode could mean anyone trying to use a stolen laptop... [more]

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odd little games

We used to drive past this place all the time when I was a kid, while Dad drove to Bacchus... [more]

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Will Oldham's playing next weekend, and just after finding that interview at The Age, I also found a rather interesting... [more]

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