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the boy is like a tape loop

I'm looking forward to this new Luna EP, even if I've already got Neon Lights - they'd already covered it as a b-side for one of their singles, a few years ago. I really quite liked their previous EP-length release - the one with the cover (picture) ripped off of that film Kids, and the cover (song) of Talking Heads' Thank you for sending me an angel, among other goodies.

Pitchfork on The Fall's Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology :

Pay Your Rates barrels through production that makes Vampire on Titus sound like Kylie Minogue...

Another new release from Ron Sexsmith ? I hadn't even gotten around to last year's one, yet. Oh. Uh. I see. How unfortunate. You kinda wish it didn't take things like that to make somebody pump out more music. I remember the first time I heard his song Strawberry Blonde - it was so impossibly simple and sad and beautiful, all at once. I bought the album (other songs) on the strength of it, though the rest of it didn't quite have the same effect on me. A couple of years later, David lent me his first album which was perhaps more consistently good (apparently because he'd been working on the songs for years, so they'd been well-refined). But I've never heard anything quite like that one song...

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