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poking around

A couple of other reviews of things that have been on my mind, and hence an attempt to inject a bit of linkage (which I still feel a bit silly doing, but anyway) :

  • acb's review of that Rough Trade Electronic 01 compilation, over at RAN. I'll buy this eventually, but right now I'm suffering from a major case of Purchasing Guilt after buying all that stuff since Thursday. I'm even going to suffer the ignominy of using a normal keyboard at work for a while, until I reckon I'm "allowed" to buy myself another one.

  • The Willard Grant Conspiracy + Telefunk in the fishtank EP, at 5plendid.

  • The new Lambchop one, is a woman, at People Talk Too Loud. I've yet to find time to listen to this, unfortunately.

  • That Airport 5 CD, also at People Talk Too Loud. It sounds like it'd be good, especially given that it's got Tobin Sprout on it, but even I can't manage to buy every Guided By Voices-related release, especially given how much they cost once they get out here...

  • Woah. Yuka Honda (remember Cibo Matto ?) has a solo album out. Not only that, but it's on John Zorn's label, Tzadik. Hoopy. I'm ashamed to admit I knew absolutely nothing about this until I saw the review at Drawer B. Actually, I wasn't even aware that Cibo Matto had broken up...

Also, it's good to see what other people carry around with them.

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