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a simple cut 'n' paste job

Aunty's dig has an interview (also available as a podcast) with Our Tom about his soundtrack for The Illustrated Family Doctor - the soundtrack CD's pretty good value, 'cause you get a bonus DVD with Tom's own invented videos for some of the tracks, plus all(?) 4 volumes of the Sevcom Music Server, upon which the soundtrack's based. I managed to catch the film yesterday, but it took 3 cinemas until we found one that was showing it. It's not for everybody, I guess. The main character's not particularly likable (shock!) and some would find it fairly offbeat and slow-going (oh, and near the end you get the voiceover from Samuel Johnson that almost makes for an episode of The Secret Life of Us). Other reviewers have pointed out that Colin Friels' character was much more interesting, and could've done with more screen time. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it as some kind of David Cronenberg tribute (though the credits thank Stanley Kubrick, instead). There's plenty of nice camera shots throughout the film that made nice use of the screen space (remember Punch Drunk Love?). I hope there's more of this kind of thing in our country's future of film.

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