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in the mood

ACMI's Wong Kar Wai retrospective starts tomorrow, so if you'd been after a chance to catch 2046 (or, indeed, any... [more]

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at last

LHB mentioned in passing that Bad Boy Bubby was getting a US release. There also seems to be an Australian... [more]

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a simple cut 'n' paste job

Aunty's dig has an interview (also available as a podcast) with Our Tom about his soundtrack for The Illustrated Family... [more]

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and now it's time for...

Via my sister, it sounds like the UK (region 2) release of that second Goodies DVD is slightly better than... [more]

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who could possibly be cooler than tony leung?

Yeah, it was probably my favourite from last year, too. I managed to watch it on Christmas Day, at last... [more]

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bad boy bubby on monday

Don't forget, on Monday night Popcorn Taxi is presenting a 10-year anniversary screening of Bad Boy Bubby, including a post-film... [more]

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bad boy bubby at acmi

Bad Boy Bubby at ACMI in May [more]

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would you laika chat with richard lowenstein?

(Attention acb, among others.) Popcorn Taxi are having a showing of Dogs in Space at ACMI at 6:30pm on Saturday... [more]

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literary highs

Wow. Naked Lunch finally sees a DVD release - a Criterion Collection one, even.... [more]

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we are glass

Not getting enough Phillip Glass-scored imagery in your diet ? Get thee to the Astor next Tuesday night, June 3rd*... [more]

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battle royale

...is showing at the Kino. I didn't realise that was Beat Takeshi playing the teacher. It was playing in Singapore... [more]

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down boy

BoingBoing mentions that there's going to be a film adaptation of On The Road. If they film it the way... [more]

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tuesday night filmage at the builders arms

The Builders Arms is having film nights on Tuesdays. Next Tuesday it's Microcosmos, and the one after that (Feb 4th)... [more]

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the statue got me high

At the start of 2002 I saw a couple of films in a short period of time (well, it was... [more]

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more local art, and a bit of retro filmage

I caught acb's work being displayed as part of a collection of Fitzroy-themed art, last night. It stood up pretty... [more]

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after the goldrush

Well. Wasn't that a small turnout ? 8 people in total (and not quite all at the same time) compared... [more]

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Graham talks about getting old. While posting a long rambly comment, I wondered exactly what is our generation's defining musical... [more]

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Although criminally overdue, Chungking Express finally gets a DVD release (in region 1, at least) on May 21st. Time to... [more]

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mystery train

Well, to whoever bought me the DVD of Rushmore, it arrived today. Thank you very much !... [more]

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Cute, joyful and probably the most cynicism-free film I've seen in a long time. The sort of child-like nature rings... [more]

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the man who wasn't there

So I went to see The Man Who Wasn't There [imdb, official website] (once my hangover let me get out... [more]

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woody allen - what's up tiger lily ?

Just last weekend, Michael mentioned this film, and while I was gadding about in Disc on Chapel St (at the... [more]

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crucifying venus in cinemascope

The natural born psycho of the lambs, at Trades Hall Council, Saturday 18th of November. It's been a while since... [more]

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growing my DVD collection

I'd gone in to buy The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover a while back, but the guy... [more]

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