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who could possibly be cooler than tony leung?

Yeah, it was probably my favourite from last year, too. I managed to watch it on Christmas Day, at last (skewing my thoughts, perhaps). It's got everything I liked (and other people hated) from the first one, and more. Phrases stick to walls. Numbers take on new meanings. People come and go, and come, and go again. They circle one another, and drift away. It all makes about as much sense as you want it to. I'm happy leaving things undone, letting it all just float a bit. Just like last time.

I spied a Wong Kar Wai DVD boxed set in Readings just this weekend, with some of the earlier stuff (which I still haven't seen, slacker that I am - not even Happy Together). It was sitting next to Criterion Collection releases of Short Cuts and Videodrome. I looked longingly at all of them, and walked away. Some time soon, I suppose (along with the Werner Herzog box).

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No one is cooler than Tony Leung.

Happy Together is excellent (of course) though difficult to sit through. Lots of very short vignettey moments of the two characters lives. Each one is excellent, but you get the sense this is going to go on forever...

A friend advises me regarding the box set: "Fallen Angels is taken off a videotape transfer. The local version is much better." (I can vouch for that. Very sexy.) "Chungking Express can be got in a better version from the US. I think the UK version of Happy Together is meant to be much better as well. As Tears Go By and Days of Being Wild are kinda up in the air, since there a no 'good' versions of them available that I've heard of. I think Days of Being Wild is likely to get a re-release on DVD in the next year or so, since they recently screened the film in the US to a wider audience, which means someone went to the trouble of getting the rights, etc. A DVD is a likely followon from that. Still, it's not a bad deal. Cheaper and easier than chasing down all the films individually."

I love WKW, so I've made it my mission to track down nice versions. And harass Criterion until they release a DVD of Ashes Of Time (my favourite film ever). But the box set is tempting... must stay away from Readings...

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> Posted by David Golding at January 13, 2005 11:19 AM

Yeah, ok. I'd seen a separate copy of Fallen Angels going for about $36, also in Readings. I've got Chungking Express (the "Quentin Tarantino presents" one, I guess that's the US one?), too.

ta re: rss feed. i'm reading as much as i can via bloglines these days, so it sorta made me pay attention to that end of things a bit more :)

> Posted by cos at January 13, 2005 11:28 AM

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