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battle royale

...is showing at the Kino. I didn't realise that was Beat Takeshi playing the teacher. It was playing in Singapore when I was there late in 2001, and I've only seen a bit of it on VCD so far. But yeah. Lord of the Flies meets Survivor, or something. I must get myself to this, although it's not exactly the best time to be advocating films about students running around with guns and stuff.

Looks like I'll be catching Cowboy Bebop tonight (sorry Richard !) - the series was one of the few anime things my feeble brain could cope with - it was fun, accessible, had a pile of style. The first few episodes of Serial Experiments: Lain just left me feeling confused, for instance (though there were some nice scenes in there) - maybe if I'd seen the rest it would've All Made SenseTM.

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