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the old guest-host thing

Either I wasn't really awake this morning, or 3RRR played an ad for a new All India Radio album, with a guest appearance by Ed Kuepper. No, wait, it's for real. Ash Naylor, too (though I think he was on the previous one), and Kiernan Box (the Blackeyed Susans are a bit overdue for an album...).

I've been enjoying the new Songs: Ohia album, mostly the first 3 tracks so far. It's hard not to feel a little bit let down when you discover that two of the songs near the end of the album aren't actually sung by Jason Molina - not that there's anything particularly wrong with the other two voices, it's just that they're not as distinctive as Our Jason. But perhaps he's trying to push the idea that it's a band, now ? The album isn't as dry and sparse as previous efforts. There's even a photo of (most of) them on the back. Times certainly are changing.

The next album I'm eagerly awaiting is Supper by Smog, which was supposedly released this week by Spunk...

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