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crucifying venus in cinemascope

The natural born psycho of the lambs, at Trades Hall Council, Saturday 18th of November.

It's been a while since I turned up to small theatre productions like this. Around the end of high school / start of uni, we'd follow a friend of ours around random locations (churches, school halls, etc.) to see plays he was involved in. And then just recently one of the waiters and waitresses I'm on friendly terms with at the Belgian beer restaurant near work happened to throw me a flyer for something they were working on (he directed, she's in it).

So as the title might suggest, it's a twisty-turny play about serial killers and reality and so on, written by the main actor, who seemed to have a few demons to exorcise.

Oh, and while I was waiting around in the Trades Hall foyer, I picked up a flyer for a "Rock against Racism" gig that's happening this Saturday (24th of November) at the Maribyrnong Detention Centre. Interesting. But I've told my Maribyrnong Detention Centre story too many times before, a bit like the climbing Uluru story.

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