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Graham talks about getting old. While posting a long rambly comment, I wondered exactly what is our generation's defining musical moment (well, ok, or moments) ? Reading all these books about music lately, I'm rapidly coming to the familiar conclusion that "the more I see, the less I know." Maybe I should just go back to the mid-80's, when all I knew was Devo, The Police, Talking Heads, Duran Duran. Then Darren introduced me to Pink Floyd. Later, Steve introduced me to The Wedding Present (the Smiths mix-tape he'd made me didn't really get into my head until after I happened to lend it to my sister and she surprisingly lapped it up with a ferocity I hadn't seen since Duran Duran were in their heyday). Yeah. Life was simpler then. I think I've strayed from the topic. But as I mentioned on Graham's site, I guess My Bloody Valentine's soon stands up as a defining track (for me) from those days. Something that sums up the crazy intensity of the time. And I guess Sonic Youth's Goo is probably the "album of year 12", the last year of high school, being on the verge of turning 18 and the world was one's oyster (if only I'd believed this at the time !).

Speaking of moments, a fine film about moments is Wong Kar Wai's In the mood for love. Since disc in Chapel St are having a "10% off everything" sale, I took advantage of this to go and buy the Criterion Collection version of In the mood for love at a price to rival a certain large oversea website. I went back today and picked up The Royal Tenenbaums, purely because I had to be in Chapel St in order to pick up a new batch of disposable contact lenses, you understand.

np. the's - oriental rock - it just came up at random, but god it's a heap of fun, with the screams and the "whee!"'s and the lo-fi 50's rock and roll vibe.

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