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catching up

Right. I caught Josh Rouse last night (pics up this evening, hopefully), and the blog meetup the night before (as one of our hosts pointed out, I'm "the guy with the yellow blog". Cue James Bond music, or something). Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting a co-worker talk me into trying out the new beer that'd just arrived at the Bluestone before I went up to the Gin Palace. This wasn't just any beer, mind you, it was the lovingly-named "la guillotine". Enough said. And hello to Mark, Jen, Kathryn, the aeronautical engineer dude, and everybody else. I'll try and be a quieter drunkard next time.

It seems our little bird has landed. neat-o.

RAN celebrates its backend changeover with a very spiffy redesign and a review of Primal Scream's Evil Heat (I'm waiting on this one. I just know it'll be going cheap soon).

Pitchfork reviews the new Mekons release (I know, I may as well be talking to a brick wall. Humour me, at least).

Browser angst hits mainstream press, I guess.

In an Epitonic interview, hip priest Lee Ranaldo reveals that Sonic Youth are jumping on the reissue-with-bonus-disc bandwagon. Gah. The DVD could be useful, though.

Melbourne's a fine place for live music, but it was still depressing when Toronto-based Haiyan asked me "so, what bands should I go and see " ? The Mekons, Lali Puna, Le Tigre, the Legendary Pink Dots, Neko Case and her Boyfriends, Gus Gus, Kid Koala, Pere Ubu, Gene, They Might Be Giants and Interpol. Oh, and Sheryl Crow, Doves, and Wire. Dang. At least we've got Mogwai coming to Melbourne soon, and Lee "Scratch" Perry ! Meanwhile, I expect a report on Le Tigre, Miss Zhang.

"If you've ever written BTFABG off as dodgy goth soundscaping, this is the album that'll change your mind," suggests Splendid about something new from Black Tape for a Blue Girl. I don't own any of their stuff (acb ? am I missing much ?), and I'll admit a certain surprise that they're still at it, but ok.

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