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the statue got me high

At the start of 2002 I saw a couple of films in a short period of time (well, it was 2 films within 3 days), which I'd hoped might revive my interest in going to the cinema. It didn't work out that way, but it's happening again - at the start of this year I've managed to watch 5 films (4 DVDs and one cinema outing) in the last 3 days: Lost Highway, Donnie Darko, The Manchurian Candidate, Quadrophenia and The Wicker Man. What's the common thread in all these ? Powerful voices - the "mystery man", Frank, Raymond's mother, the "we are the Mods" chant (ok, so that's a tenuous link) and Lord Summerisle. I need more time to process all of this (especially the last three, which I watched tonight) - I'm not the sort to talk much about a film when it's over, I tend to just walk around in a bit of a daze while I try to assimilate it.

I still have Videodrome to watch, and the Ken Burns documentary on Jazz. So much screen time ahead of me...

...how about you play a game of Solitaire for a while ?

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