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catching up on some random linkage

The Liars are weird like that -- they fake you out, they deceive you, they puzzle the shit out of you.

JBR likes The Liars. I must go and listen to it again (too many distractions...). Interesting to see the connections made to The Fall and the Beastie Boys - I've never been good at that game, though I could understand why people mentioned Gang of Four, for instance. Also, it was interesting to hear her go on about Jonathan Fire*Eater the other day - Wolf Songs for Lambs was certainly one of the better $8 bargain bin purchases I made a few years ago (even if it took me a while to finally listen to it). I guess I should check out The Walkmen, then.

Happyness can often be so mellow that you'll find yourself blindly groping for something, anything that might be caffeinated.

Splendid reviews a new Aluminium Group album, which I wasn't aware of. Eugenie put me onto them last year sometime. They always seem to do well for ring-ins and special guests on their albums.

Also, there's something going on at Greville Records tomorrow to launch the new You Am I album Deliverance - if you buy the album, you get to see them perform in the "Greville Records carpark" (where's that ?), and they'll apparently be signing stuff too. I kinda like You Am I - I've got most of their albums, but mostly out of a sense of "I guess I ought to have it" rather than loving them (as, say, my sister seems to). I can't really fault them - Tim Rogers seems to have done all the right things, paid his dues and so forth, but...I suppose I just haven't quite been in the right place at the right time to have one of their songs bind itself to some special moment, which would pull them onto my "favourite bands" list. People talk about Purple Sneakers like that, for instance. Or maybe Heavy Heart. I do like the opening track on the new album, Words for Sadness - it was already covered by Lisa Miller, and I can already imagine the way Tim would sing it (I haven't heard the album yet, but I did dig up a live mp3 of the song off their website a few months ago) - this isn't a bad thing, it just shows that when you've heard enough of a singer's voice, you can pretty much guess how they might sing anything.

Speaking of which, yes, I'm going to the Morrissey gig at the Forum - I suppose it must've been a good thing I was a little tipsy when I got home last Friday night (ie. a week ago), or I might've waited a few days before buying the ticket, and missed out. Meanwhile, I'm going to try and get myself down to see Kevin Blechdom at Revolver tonight, 'cause I haven't been to a gig in weeks.

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