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small discoveries

Once every couple of weeks I remember to go and poke a stick at my web stats, to see if anybody's dropped by. This time around, I noticed a couple more referrals, including from angry robot, which has (among other things) a nice review of the recent release by The Church, that I never did get around to writing anything about. Also, hello Sex and Sunshine, who noticed me going on about Giant Sand the other day, and also picked up on that Steven Shaviro piece on My Bloody Valentine that I flung at Graham after he bought Loveless during his Easter jaunt down here to Melbourne.

Oh, and in case you've run out of other places to complain about bad web design, here's another, courtesy of somewhere I found myself whilst chasing referrals, but subsequently couldn't find again to credit. I tend to shy away from the pack-like mentality of these kinds of things, although if you can Stay On Target there's still good learning in 'em.

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