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surfin' cubase-a

The Register: Cubase gets bought out by Pinnacle in California, but read on to see the quote from Ralf Hütter telling Lester Bangs how he just wants to have fun fun fun in the sun sun sun, or something:

We are not aiming so much for the music; it's the psychological structure of someone like The Beach Boys

Note also the page they link to on the Steinberg site about Kraftwerk using Cubase:

With more and more major artists starting to use virtual instruments live (e.g. Cher, Gloria Estefan), it looks like 2003 will be the year that VST becomes a true alternative to hardware synth modules.

...so borrowing acb's future cynicism for a moment, can we expect to see Cher hunched over a giant (and undoubtedly glitzy) laptop at her next gig ?

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