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bookmark the planet

I probably wasn't looking hard enough, but I haven't noticed anybody talking about Hallon, a nice little app you can use to bookmark all sorts of guff in local applications - e-mail items, tracks in iTunes, photos in iPhoto (version 5, though), Address Book cards, web pages, etc. Even better, it'll also add a reminder to prod you into following up that e-mail, posting that photo to flickr, revisiting that webpage. It'll even sync to your iDisk if that turns you on. If there's time tomorrow, I'll try and make it play nicely with OmniWeb (if it hasn't already shown up over there by then). There's probably some more fun things that could be done with it, though. Perhaps if I'd ever put all my DVDs (and, god forbid, CDs) into something like Delicious Library I'd be able to remind myself to hassle my co-workers about DVDs I lent them a few months ago (somewhere in the ether I've still got a couple of Peter Greenaway DVDs, and Delicatessen. I hope). But that's not thinking particularly hard about it - I'll have to sleep on it.


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