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eggs benedict and ed kuepper

The two Marios who ran The Continental (and still run Marios Café in Brunswick St) have donated a heap of promo posters from various gigs across the venue's 8-year life to 3RRR, who are going to auction them off on the 19th of March. There'll also be an exhibition at the Artery in Moor St Fitzroy from March 1 to 12, where they'll be selling off some more posters. I hope I'll be back from my (as yet directionless) holiday by then, to buy one of the Ed Kuepper posters.

I don't have a heap of good, framed gig posters. I've got two by Justin Hampton - this one of Elliott Smith, and this one of Nick Cave - and a very Dan Dare-like Beastie Boys one by Jason Jacenko, all back from when I used to walk past Beyond The Pale more often. Since then I've picked up one or two things I oughta frame, like the Lydia Lunch / Rowland S. Howard I picked up in Perth, and an old Go-Betweens one. A while back, under different working conditions, I'd regularly pop by Greville Records and buy a pile of posters that would adorn the open-plan office we had going for a year or so. Golden days, and all that. I pulled down the Muslimgauze ones I'd ordered from Soleilmoon after 9/11, 'cause I didn't wanna be hassled by the thought police, especially about the Shirin Neshat one. Call me paranoid.

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Damn, I wish I was in Melbourne for that.

> Posted by acb at January 29, 2005 9:23 PM

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