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exit everything

Into this breach flies Archer Prewitt, veteran of the defunct Coctails and the MIA Sea and Cake, and possessor of the second best name in indie rock after Mr. Tobin Sprout.

Ain't that the truth (about Tobin Sprout, I mean. I can't say I know much about Mr Prewitt, and therefore don't yet hold any particular opinion about him) ! From Pitchfork's rather playful review of an Archer Prewitt album, with a couple of observations on what might be next for the Chicago "post-everything scene" (I'm sure Darren'll have something witty to contribute about this, as usual).

Also, in some other musical vortex, that long-threatened Brainwashed 3-disc über-compilation has finally surfaced, and Pitchfork has a review.

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