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all over town

Pitchfork on the new compilation of the The stuff, bemoaning the crappy 12-inch mixes instead of actual rarities :

The liner notes do trumpet a volume two to this set slated for next year, though, so it seems as though some of those holes may yet be plugged.

Um. *tap tap*. Remember all the other stuff Matt Johnson promised us ? As much as I love the man's work, I've learnt to never trust what his album liner notes suggest might be "coming next".

That first Willard Grant Conspiracy album Flying Low is better on the second listen (the first was over a month ago) but maybe it's just that I'm feeling a little tired and vulnerable.

I really wanted to write something "useful" about the new Saint Etienne album but it's almost been a week, and I love it but I just don't know what to say about it.

I've finished the actual body of Greil Marcus' Mystery Train, and now I'm deep in the biography section after it, which is so full of facts I can hardly breathe.

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