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I'm after recommendations for a nice, detailed US (or, even better, North America) map/atlas thing. Having poked about, it seems... [more]

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why i love country music

(as in, the Lloyd Cole and the Commotions song...). I neglected to mention Alex's piece on depressing music, and the... [more]

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your mission, should you choose to accept it...

Steve Albini talks about and to Mission of Burma (via grossoutart). I haven't even begun to penetrate the VU boxed... [more]

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A few things I spotted over the weekend : PTTL lists the fanboy-voted Top 50 Robert Pollard songs. I'll have... [more]

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acquisitions and such

I'm not quite in the mood to list them all, but I gave into the old "I could buy all... [more]

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Walking down Brunswick St on Saturday, I passed this furniture shop, which sells CD-shelving in a variety of sizes. I'm... [more]

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quick linkage

I've been a bit slack with my linkage, so : PopMatters reviews Teenage Fanclub's Howdy, which didn't even get a... [more]

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Hmm. So Chapter Records is being put on hold while Guy Blackman goes off to Japan, and Richard Andrew keeps... [more]

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mister zorn

I've been on a bit of a John Zorn kick, although there's a frightening amount of stuff out there for... [more]

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supergrass back in town

Supergrass hit the Palace on July the 18th, according to the band's website (although I heard it via some mailing... [more]

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post-punk x-men

acb reviews Can't Stop It, that local 1978-82 post-punk compilation with a good range of interesting stuff on it (not... [more]

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sime nugent and the forefathers at the builders arms, may 19th

A good night for being indoors at a cosy pub to watch an up-and-coming band, especially when it's only $5.... [more]

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random gnus bits

For what it's worth, I chucked a few snippets of code over a my.gnus.org, which seems to have changed almost... [more]

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hop on the number (1)12

Polyester in Brunswick St, Fitzroy are having a 15% off sale (everything, even imports), apparently. Of course, I only discovered... [more]

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send in the clones

(Just the other day I'd been saying to a friend about how I don't post geek stuff because I don't... [more]

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doing the rounds

Timmy gets on a Red House Painters kick. Intrepid BlogHunter Alex digs up some more interesting reading (although all that... [more]

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ears to the ground

all this waiting until the weekend before I let myself buy any more CDs is...I dunno. I guess it's working... [more]

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when i wasn't paying attention

Nude as the News and Drawer B weigh in on the new Elvis Costello album. Not owning much of the... [more]

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the lure of old blighty

So, Grand Salvo's off to England eh ? I hope it goes well. Hey Vanessa, I guess this means you... [more]

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middle class revolt

Happy anniversary, indeed. I remember vague bits and pieces in the late 80's, when I used to listen to Lawrence... [more]

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ride, horsey, ride

Remember, there are only three Sparklehorse albums in existence. DO NOT OVERLISTEN. Once they're used up, there'll be nothing else... [more]

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jesus met the women at the well

I was going to mention The Age's article, but david did instead, so that'll do. I can't help thinking of... [more]

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under the influence

So I sat on the tram changing CDs of stuff I'd recently mp3'd while passengers glared at me, in my... [more]

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thank you for sending me an angel

RAN has a rather positive review of Luna's Romantica (I don't think it's out here yet ? I certainly didn't... [more]

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Wow. I wasn't expecting this - Splendid has a nice, long interview with Steve Kilbey from The Church, who I... [more]

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bleak street

After lunch in Smith St, I walked down a lonely Collingwood street under cloudy skies while I tried to... [more]

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I'd actually managed not to buy anything for a whole 6 days, but today I picked up the two new... [more]

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registered nurse - strippers

registered nurse - strippers (1999). the nights are long my credit's good. Pharmacy Records boss Richard Andrew's been kinda busy... [more]

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fifteen seconds of silence

5plendid reviews a Mark Eitzel show. I hope these guys come back to life soon (web forums aren't really my... [more]

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scud mountain boys - massachusetts

scud mountain boys - massachusetts (1996). it seems like a year since i've even felt a thing. This album has,... [more]

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beat happens

Maybe this is how I can catch up on some of that old Calvin Johnson stuff (via pitchfork).... [more]

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the fall - slates / a part of america therein, 1981

the fall - slates / a part of america therein, 1981 (1981 / 1982). leave the capitol exit this roman... [more]

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If you're in the right place at the right time, maybe you can listen to this.... [more]

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you only live twice

200 entries/posts, and it seems like I'm almost exclusively music-centric now. Well, we go with the flow. It's been around... [more]

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a few things I'm thinking of catching in the coming weeks : according to the Rowland S. Howard mailing list,... [more]

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ed kuepper - today wonder (remastered)

ed kuepper - today wonder (remastered, 2002). A quick visit to Raoul before getting my hair cut revealed the release... [more]

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city shopping - yuka honda, et al

I was on my way through the city the other night, to go and see Gosford Park with a couple... [more]

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nurse with wound - man with the woman face

nurse with wound - man with the woman face (2002). This arrived from distant shores around Tuesday. As with an... [more]

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