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Two new reviews : Splendid reviews Buffalo Daughter's I. I've been holding out on buying this, in case I can... [more]

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found, found, found

The things you find in JB Hi Fi sales, languishing in discount bins... : Built to Spill - Ancient melodies... [more]

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rollins band - get some go again

rollins band - get some go again (2000). I've been at work all today (saturday) putting new disks in a... [more]

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go-betweens reissues

Well, it'd been rumoured to be on the cards for a while, and according to a post to their fan-run... [more]

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not drowning

Hmm. Lambchop's is a woman is finally starting to weave its magic over me, now that I finally pulled it... [more]

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Although criminally overdue, Chungking Express finally gets a DVD release (in region 1, at least) on May 21st. Time to... [more]

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the church - gold afternoon fix

The Church - Gold Afternoon Fix (1990). I'd always kinda liked The Church since I first saw them on TV... [more]

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golden rough at the empress, april 25th

I must say, Dave Orwell of esteemed Sydneysiders Golden Rough reminded me a heap of a guy who works... [more]

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day of the locusts

And lo ! there was a cry from the Jakobites upon finding out that Flash developers are now able take... [more]

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fill me in

Graham (love the new photo, btw) reviews that old Paul Kelly live album. Angry Robot talks about Lloyd Cole's electronic... [more]

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grand salvo album launch gig, april 21st

For a guy who appears to embody the loner mould on stage better than say, Mark Eitzel or Joe... [more]

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fly me to the moon

Just when I was wondering what else I was gonna listen to for the rest of the year, Pitchfork tells... [more]

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tom robbins - fierce invalids home from hot climates

Tom Robbins - Fierce invalids home from hot climates. Even the most complicated of things can be boiled down to... [more]

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how to be good

I've been practising being good, spending all afternoon in St Kilda without buying anything other than Lamchop's Tools in the... [more]

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we are the new fall

a couple of things arrived from the, uh, Mother Country while I was busy thrashing about the office this morning... [more]

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proclaiming his joy

"if I had a song that could dissolve you like sleep..." Well, ok, he tripped on the stairs coming... [more]

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guided by choices

(last night's Mark Eitzel pics oughta be up this evening. also, there seems to be a new site, which didn't... [more]

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globe, chapel st

"Everytime I come here I end up sitting in the corner," he said. I must say I didn't remember the... [more]

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No, not that excellent old Wedding Present song, I'm talking about pants. Now, I remember back at the end of... [more]

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ed kuepper at the corner hotel, april 12th

I've never seen Ed Kuepper so lively. After 29 years of music-making you think he'd be ready to slow... [more]

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the pernice brothers at the corner hotel, april 11th

If you've heard any of Joe Pernice's songs, you wouldn't think of them as the kind of thing that'd... [more]

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wolfgang flur - i was a robot

Wolfgang Flür - I was a robot. It's hard to avoid sympathizing with Mr Flür, who (along with Karl Bartos)... [more]

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That's just a quick teaser - the rest of the Pernice Brothers pics oughta go up tomorrow when I... [more]

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strike while the irony is hot

The Onion Does It AgainTM - 37 record store clerks feared dead in Yo La Tengo concert disaster. "These people... [more]

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lost in space

Just after I read this gig review of a Man or Astroman? gig, my co-worker shows up to work, saying... [more]

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lloyd cole and the commotions - easy pieces

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions - Easy Pieces (1985). Even though it's not in my desert island discs list, it's... [more]

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small discoveries

Once every couple of weeks I remember to go and poke a stick at my web stats, to see if... [more]

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steve earle, dan brodie

Bruce and I caught Steve Earle's final Melbourne gig at the Prince of Wales. He played a good range... [more]

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more review linkage

...a couple of reviews of things I'm curious about : A slightly over the top review of Wilco's almost-lost-album, Yankee... [more]

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i almost lasted...

...until the weekend. But since your friend and mine was quickly gonna take me to her bookshop (that I was... [more]

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david toop visits melbourne

Whilst paying for a couple of things in Synaesthesia, there was a little flyer at the counter announcing a talk/performance... [more]

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5 years in a PC camp

...via Fall News : The Fall at a glance - includes the all-important "who's in the band this week". The... [more]

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after murder park

I'm enjoying nearly every moment of reading The Raymond Chandler Papers - selected letters and non-fiction 1909-1959, which I must... [more]

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obligatory music content

Bruce pointed out that even Telstra's getting into it now. An interview with Joe Pernice, and a review of In... [more]

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loungeroom dummies

This is definitely the kind of problem I have, deferring to a "dunno" when I could (should?) just make something... [more]

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gift received

As I mentioned a week ago, another mix CD made its way out into the world. Since it's now in... [more]

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the chap manifesto

Helpful advice for all of us in this depraved and orderless world. As the dust jacket explains : It is... [more]

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keeping the unwashed masses from one's inbox

I finally folded and installed SpamAssassin and Vipul's Razor to autodetect more spam - my smattering of simple procmail rules... [more]

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that "I Knew Buffalo Bill" CD reissue

...is available from Scratch Records at the affordable-even-from-this-side-of-the-Pacific price of USD$8.99. Go get yerselves a piece of 80's supergroupness. courtesy... [more]

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meeting people is easy

I'm probably the last one to have mentioned it, but some blogging types met up yesterday in North Fitzroy,... [more]

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